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Hopkinsville Community College

• Hopkinsville Community College is located in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

• Founded in 1965, the college began with 220 students, 10 faculty and 6 staff members.

• Today, about 4000 students from all over the world enroll in the college every year.

• The friendly campus culture allows students and staffs to interact in an informal setting.

• The college offers various associate degrees, diplomas and certificate programs.

• The Academic Divisions are as follows:
-- Math and Science Division
-- Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Division
-- Allied Health Division
-- Professional and Technical Studies Division

• Students who need any kind of help regarding studies are provided with academic assistance.

• Such services include:
-- Academic Counseling
-- Library Services
-- Adult Education Services
-- Career and Transfer Assistance
-- Library Services

• Other support programs are:
-- The Step Up Program With an aim to monitor minority students with tutoring assistance, academic advising and the like.
-- Ready to Work Program With the intention to provide resources such as counseling and advising to help students do well in college.
-- Youth Workforce Connections With an aim to provide training programs to students so as to prepare participants for jobs in the competitive world.
-- Student Support Services With the intention to motivate students to successfully complete their academics.

• Apart from these, the college also gives the opportunity to pursue courses online to students who cannot attend their classes via distance learning.

• Students can appear for more or less about 1100 classes online.

• Moreover, facilities like online bookstore, virtual library, 24-hour help are forever available for assisting students who have opted for online courses.

• Further, The Student Activities Department supports many activities and organizations.

• Some of these organizations include:
-- Amateur Radio Geared for students who are fascinated by amateur radio.
-- Phi Theta Kappa It is an international organization. It is aimed towards honors students.
-- Round Table Magazine It is published annually and highlights artwork, short stories, poetry and photography. Students can submit their work pieces.
-- Veterans Student Organization This organization is meant for active duty students, military veterans or their family members.
-- HCC Book Club It provides the opportunity to various students who have an inclination towards reading and discussing books.

• The college goes all out in encouraging and aiding students in their growth and development through its educational, social, cultural and recreational activities.

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